Young Adult Ministry

Are you a young adult?        

Questioning our culture? 

Needing a place to consider how to live for Christ in a world that denies Him?

Join Pastor Bruce and a great
group of young adults as we digest God’s Word
together and dissect the messages from our culture

  • 10/14/17—Saturday —Community Service day & Lunch
  • 10/20/17 – Saturday—6:00pm—Gold Line & Dinner


4twelve Bible Study for those in their 20’s and early 30’s.         
Mondays at 7:00PM, Room 205    
Are you between the ages of 22-30? At this age most people find themselves at a crossroads, needing to make decisions that will define who they are as an adult. Who will you be? Join Pastor Bruce as he leads a new study through the book of I Peter and solidify your foundation as a person of God, conducting yourself in love, faith and purity.  Join us any Monday night – the door is always open!

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