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First Impressions Matter

Our hope is that everyone who visits Cornerstone will experience the warmth and joy of being a part of the church family. You can usually find our Outreach Pastor Mike Churchill at the Welcome Center on Holy Grounds at the front of the church on Sunday mornings, waiting to introduce you to our various ministries. From our Greeters at the front door, to our Ushering Team, and every church member, we hope that you receive a smile, a warm handshake and an invitation to join us again the following week.


Our greeters serve the visitors.
If a visitor has children, they make sure the children are comfortable. If the visitor has questions, they are answered. The focus is on meeting the needs of the visitor rather than the comfort of the members.
Our greeters are there to help a visitor have a pleasant experience.
It is reassuring to have someone talk to you and include you. It is reassuring to be shown around the church building. It is reassuring to know what to expect and what to do in classes and in worship services.
Our greeters go with visitors each step of the way.
They give visitors all the information they need to have a pleasant and uplifting visit.
Our greeters are friendly to visitors, but they go beyond that.
They make sure that several people are introduced. The visitors are not dropped in a classroom or on a pew and expected to seek others. Instead, the greeters introduce them to others.


Cornerstone’s Ushers serve on the frontline of welcoming people to the church’s worship services and special events. They partner with the Greeters to welcome congregation members and guests, then provide them with whatever is needed to enjoy and benefit from the worship service, and to help ensure a hospitable, fulfilling, and smooth-flowing worship experience on a personal level.
The ushers make sure the chairs are aligned and comfortable before the service.  They oversee the seating, and help late comers feel welcome and safe.  The offering is taken by the ushers, who deposit the contents into the church safe.  During the services, the ushers are there to help should an emergency situation arise.  After the service, they clean up stray bulletins and coffee cups.
Serving as an usher is an enjoyable experience.  You gain satisfaction from helping to set friendly atmosphere for those attending church — an important yet relatively easy ministry opportunity with little time needed for preparation.  It’s also a great opportunity to meet members and guests, and get to know people within the church.

Holy Grounds

Holy Grounds is a place for fellowship and exchange of information that takes place every Sunday morning.  Located at the front of the main building, people gather there for coffee and conversation between services.  We are continually looking at new and better ways to serve those who come to the Holy Grounds patio.  The following teams make up the total Holy Grounds Team.  Some teams are already in place; new teams are still forming.
Holy Grounds Set-up/Tear Down
Duties: Prepare the Holy Grounds Plaza as an environment that welcomes fellowship and promotes an atmosphere for relationship building.
Goal: To communicate “We have a place for you to make and meet friends.”
Holy Grounds Welcome Table
Duties:  Ensure that the first time guests receive appropriate information and are referred to an escort so they can immediately participate in the event. (worship service, community program, youth program)
Goal: To communicate “We want you to be comfortable here.”

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Bob Stebbing

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