Small Groups

Cornerstone is committed to discipleship! Whether you call them Small Groups, Bible Study Groups or Deeper Connection groups, our desire is that you will be discipled as a follower of Jesus, that you will contribute as a part of that small community and that your life will be different as a result.  There is always room for more!  Please contact Bob Stebbing ( to get information on a variety of groups that meet through the week.

Who Is to Blame?

That was the question of the Israelites as Pharaoh’s army closed in,
and it is the question of many others today.

If you’re one who’s wondering how we’ll get out of this mess we’re in,
you will be blessed by the “Red Sea Rules.”

  • Signups for this relevant study start December 21, 2020
  • Choose between “in-person” or “virtual” gatherings
  • Groups begin between January 1 and January 17, 2021
  • Contact Bob Stebbing (


Ray Paul Sunday Bible email study
David Agron Sunday 11:15 Bible Virtual
Rich Prouty Sun 5:30pm Bible off campus
Gary Bowling Sunday nights Deeper Connection TBD
Jeff Zweerink Sunday nights TBD off campus
Nathan Dollins Mon 4:30pm Spiritual Gifts off campus
Bruce French Mon 7:00pm Bible – young adults tent
Monica French Mon 7:00pm Bible – women online
Beth Guyer/Jeannie Springer Tues 9:30am Bible – women CBC campus
Jan Hernandez Tues 9:30am Bible – women off campus
Pam Salcido Tues 7:00pm Bible – women CBC campus
Paul & Kathy England Tues 7:00pm TBD TBD
Larry Mahrenholtz Wed 6:00am Bible – men online
David Colachico Wed 6:30pm Bible – men online
John Baugus Wed 6:30pm Bible – men online
Brandon Burrill Wed 6:30pm Bible – men online
Gary Pine Wed 6:30pm Bible – men off campus
Dwayne Lowe Wed 7:00pm Bible – men off campus
Jeff & Renee Curtis Thurs 6:00pm Deeper Connection online
Joseph & Stephanie Cothran Wed 7:00pm Bible online
Tom & Elaine Stricklin Wed 7:00 pm Bible hybrid/off campus
Hector Alas (Spanish) Wed 7:00 pm Bible TBD
Mike Poe Thurs 9:30am Bible – senior adults tent
Bill Ripley Thurs 7:00pm Bible – men TBD
Ray Paul Fri 8:00am Bible – men email study


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