Small Groups

Cornerstone is committed to discipleship! Whether you call them Small Groups, Bible Study Groups or Deeper Connection groups, our desire is that you will be discipled as a follower of Jesus, that you will contribute as a part of that small community and that your life will be different as a result.  There is always room for more!  Please contact Bob Stebbing ( to get information on a variety of groups that meet through the week.

Ray Paul Sunday Bible email study
Brian Pearson Sun 11:00am Deeper Connection online
Rich Prouty Sun 5:30pm Bible off campus
Gary Bowling Sunday nights Deeper Connection TBD
Jeff Zweerink Sunday nights TBD off campus
Peanut & Beth McCoy Sun 6:00pm Bible online
Nathan Dollins Mon 4:30pm Spiritual Gifts off campus
Bruce French Mon 7:00pm Bible – young adults tent
Monica French Mon 7:00pm Bible – women online
Ray & Pam Martin Mon 7:00pm Deeper Connection off campus
Beth Guyer/Jeannie Springer Tues 9:30am Psalms – women CBC campus
Jan Hernandez Tues 9:30am Psalms – women off campus
Pam Salcido Tues 7:00pm Psalms – women CBC campus
Paul & Kathy England Tues 7:00pm TBD TBD
Larry Mahrenholtz Wed 6:00am Bible – men online
Churchill Group Wed 6:30pm Bible off campus
David Colachico Wed 6:30pm Bible – men online
John Baugus Wed 6:30pm Bible – men online
Brandon Burrill Wed 6:30pm Bible – men onine
Gary Pine Wed 6:30pm Bible – men off campus
Dwayne Lowe Wed 7:00pm Bible – men off campus
Curtis Group Thurs 6:00pm Deeper Connection online
Joseph & Stephanie Cothran Wed 7:00pm Bible online
Stricklin Group Wed 7:00 pm Bible hybrid/off campus
Spanish (Alas) Wed 7:00 pm Bible TBD
Mike Poe Thurs 9:30am Bible – senior adults tent
Bill Ripley Thurs 7:00pm Bible – men TBD
Ray Paul Fri 8:00am Bible – men email study


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