Our Middle School Ministry here at Cornerstone Bible Church exists to make and grow disciples in a healthy church environment. It’s our desire and vision to see our Middle School students love God and love others in every part of their life. We do this by creating environments and settings where students get into the Word, worship Him, and experience community with each other.

Every Tuesday from 7:00 – 9:00 PM

We’re talking about Convictions: What we believe and why we believe it. This series is designed to help our students understand important doctrines that we believe are found in Scripture. Why is Scripture authoritative? Why do we believe God created all? What do we believe about eternity? Have your student join us each Tuesday!

Sundays at 9:30am – Each Sunday, we’re going verse-by-verse into the book of Philippians as we study the letter Paul wrote that shows us how we can have joy, unity, and hope in Christ.

Ben Cook

Ben Cook

Middle School Student Ministry

Ben earned his BA in Bible and Youth Ministry from Manhattan Christian College.  His objective in ministry is to be faithful to the calling that God has given him in engaging students, the church, and our community with the love and grace of Jesus so that they may be transformed by Him.

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